Charlie Williams Story

My husband, Charlie, has struggled with cancer since 2001. It began with colon cancer with metasis to the liver. His first occurance was in 2001. We were told that he would only survive a year. But after having half of his colon and 1/3 of his liver removed, he beat the odds! If it was not for our good friend Gary Dew (co-founder of, a part of the Andrea Lynn Cancer Fund) who helped us to keep afloat we don’t know what we would have done. After radiation and chemo, then the surgery then chemo again, we thought we had a good chance. Then in 2005, the cancer had returned and spread to other areas. He again went through chemo and had surgery in which they removed half of his liver, half of his diagraphm, and reconstructed his vena cafe artery. He was told that he had a 35% chance of beating this. So he had chemo again and we went almost 2 years in remission and was told 2 months ago that there is another lesion in the liver and they cannot rule out it is now spread to the kidney. So we are in the middle of running all the tests needed, then at which time it looks like we will have to return to the hospital in Chicago as the surgeon we seen here is unable to do surgery here because of the location of the tumor and he isn’t sure that surgery can be done. So once again, Gary Dew contacted me and asked how things are going and I gave him the bad news about Charlie’s cancer returning and how I haven’t had time to bounce back from the last time. So he informed me that he was going to help us and that I should write our story. I just want to say that Gary has been our guardian angel and has been more than a friend to me. He has been more like a brother. Words cannot express our gratitude for what he has helped us through.